Radio Amateur

I'm CT1EKD HAM radio operator since 1991. My favorite areas are: Propagation studies, DX contacts, Exotic types of propagation, as EME (moon bounce), Meteor Scatter or TEP.

The Station

Active mostly in HF frequencies, my favorite is 15 meters band, but also active on all ham radios bands, from 1,8 MHZ to 28MHZ, 50 MHZ, 70MHZ 144 and 432MHZ.

Propagation Types

  • Trophosferic Propagation from Portugal to Mauritanea in a Tropo duct over west Africa coast. You can listen here: CT1EKD working RW1ZC/MM on the 2 meters band (144mhz)

  • EME Moon bounce propagation. Using the MOON surface as a radio waves refletor. Listen how the Arecibo Radio Astronomic transmiter sounds at UHF (432mhz) at CT1EKD shack: SSB mode and CW mode (morse)

  • MeteoScatter propagation, when meteor enter on the earth atmosphere they create trails of ionized particles that reflects radiowaves. Listen here ct1ekd and ??x?? at FSK441 mode.
  • Radio Software

  • WSJT - Weak Signal Communication Software ("Weak Signal Communication, by K1JT") offers specific digital protocols optimized for meteor scatter, ionospheric scatter, and EME (moonbounce) at VHF/UHF, as well as HF skywave propagation. The program can decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails and steady signals 10 dB below the audible threshold. Check the WSJT page for details about new modes in WSJT 9.3. Here you can find the Portuguese Version of the WSJT-6 Manual and here the WSJT 9 Upgrade Manual
  • CT1EKD is also an Advisory board member, Awards Committee, Users Support and International Committee of eQSL.CC - eQSL is an International system used by Hamradio operators to confirm their radio contacts. A radio contact confirmation is called a QSL. EQSL have 264.1 million eQSLs from 323 Countries Now Online! You can obtain more details of this system here -
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