Meteorologic Station and actual values at this location.

The meteo station is a Watson model W8186 with UV and solar energy for the outside equipment. The place is located 180 ASL (above sea level) and 6 meters AGL (above ground level). The home station is localized about 15 meters in the garage, under ground level. Sometimes the signal cannot pass the concrete wall, and the station frezzes till receive signal from the outside equipment.

This station show us the folling values

  1. Temperature
  2. Dew Point
  3. Barometric Pressure
  4. Wind Speed
  5. Wind Gust
  6. Wind Direction
  7. Rainfall Rate
  8. Solar Radiation (watt/m2)
  9. UV index
  10. See the picture at right to observe my Weather Station and suport system.


Detailed values e historical

Current Weather for Torres Vedras area.